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Sinamics CU310-2 Control Unit

The CU310-2 is an S120 single axis control unit capable of controlling PM340 Power Modules. The CU310-2 clips onto the front of a PM340 and cannot be used without a Power Module. The CU310-2 is an updated version of the CU310 with additional interfaces and the latest software features via updated firmware.

Two versions of Control Unit are available:

A CF card with the Sinamics Firmware must be installed for the drive to operate. The CF card also holds a licence key for extended safety functions if required.

Technical specification and wiring details for single axis Control Units are available in the S120 AC Drive Manual which can be downloaded from Siemens support article 58122400.


The CU310-2 interfaces are as follows:

  • 11x Digital inputs
  • 8x Parameterisable digital inputs/outputs
  • 1x Isolated digital output
  • 1x Analogue input
  • 1x Fieldbus interface (Profibus or Profinet)
  • 1x Ethernet port for commissioning only
  • 1x DRIVE-CLiQ interface
  • 1x Encoder interface (HTL/TTL/SSI)
  • 1x Temperature sensor input (KTY84-1C130/PTC)
  • 1x 24v supply
  • 1x RS232 commissioning interface
  • 3x Test sockets

The analogue input is capable of evaluating the following input ranges:

  • Unipolar voltage input (0V to +10V)
  • Unipolar current input (0mA to +20mA
  • Unipolar current input monitored (+4mA to +20mA)
  • Bipolar voltage input (-10V to +10V)
  • Bipolar current input (-20mA to +20mA)
CU310-2 PN example connections

The analogue input should be wired with a shieled twisted pair and the shield 360° bonded to earth with a suitable metal clamp. High levels of noise on the input may cause drive faults as well as poor performance. When +4mA to +20mA is selected the threshold for a wire breakage fault can be set.

The encoder interface is similar to an SMC30 but is not capable of evaluating SSI with HTL/TTL incremental data.

The PM340 is able to power the CU310-2 via internal connections but it is highly recommeneded that a separate 24V supply is used as shown in the example drawing aboveto keep the CU310-2 powered on if the mains supply is removed.

A BOP20 can be mounted on the front of the CU310-2 for basic parameter modification and display of fault codes.

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